Dean’s® Dairy Dip

Real Dip for Real Dippers

Dean’s makes dip for those who love dipping.

Dean’s makes dip for those who love dipping.

For folks who like to dip every once in a while, any old dip off a store shelf will do. But for those who LOVE dipping—and want to get the most out of every bite—there’s only one brand that delivers the freshness, creaminess, variety and flavor they crave: Dean’s Dip.

You see, Dean’s is a dairy dip. It’s available in the refrigerated section of your grocer’s dairy aisle. We keep our dips there because it’s the only way to ensure your dip is cool and creamy from the first dip to the last. If a dip can sit out on a store shelf for days on end, how fresh can it be?

Dean’s Dip is all about taste. Bold flavors and innovative varieties activate your taste buds and ignite your imagination. Whether you’re a die-hard potato chips and Dean’s French Onion dipper or about to submerge a sandwich in Dean’s Sriracha Dip for the first time, make sure you’re enjoying the quality ingredients and delicious flavors of a Dean’s Dip.

Dean’s goes with everything. Dip chicken strips in Dean’s Buffalo Ranch Dip during the football game. Fill in the ridges on those crinkly potato chips with Dean’s French Onion or Lite French Onion while you unload the groceries. Load up a tortilla chip with Dean’s Guacamole Flavored Dip for poker night. No matter what you like to dip or where, Dean’s brings out the real dipper in you.

Dean’s Dip—The Chip Magnet®