Dean’s® Dairy Dip

Dean’s Dip Tips:

Usage & Storage

Here are a few tips for storing your Dean’s Dip to ensure its freshness and flavor last.

  • DO keep your Dean’s Dip refrigerated at around 34–45F when you’re not dipping, however infrequently that may be.
  • DON’T freeze Dean’s Dip—keep it cold, but never frozen!
  • DO check the outer tamper-evident seal before opening. Don’t eat dip from a new container with a broken seal. An unbroken seal insures that the container is full of delicious Dean’s Dip and nothing else.

How to spice up the party:

  • DO give the dippers at your party something deliciously unexpected like Dean’s Buffalo Ranch Dip or Sriracha flavor.
  • DO keep classic varieties like Dean’s French Onion Dip at the ready for less adventurous dippers.
  • DON’T forget to mix up your dipping foods. Veggies, chicken strips and bread bites open dippers to a world beyond potato chips.

How to properly enjoy Dean’s Dip without incident or injury:

  • Begin by removing the outer tamper-evident seal.
  • Next, lift the lid to release the fresh aromas and view the creamy goodness.
  • Stir well.
  • When attempting a “repeat-eat,” you may notice some liquid sitting on the top of your dip. It’s common for dairy products to separate. Simply stirring the liquid back into the dip will return your dip to its perfect consistency.
  • Serve Dean’s Dairy Dip in a fancy bowl or the tub it comes in. It’s always your choice to dress it up or dig right in.

How to use your Favorite Dipping Devices (FDDs) responsibly:

  • DO dip with chips, veggies, pita bread and crackers and other Favorite Dipping Devices (FDDs) that can stand the thick, rich texture of Dean’s Dip.
  • If your chip or veggie breaks, DON’T finger fish it out of the bowl.
  • DO load about one teaspoon of dip onto your favorite FDD to enjoy the creamy taste, adding that special Dean’s Dip flavor to most any snack.
  • DON’T be a dip hog and overload that FDD or take the whole bowl of dip to your own private part of the party. The dip stays in the room, and so should you.
  • DO make sure you get the dip and the chip or other FDD to your mouth in one move, without having to chew with your mouth open, lick it off your face or push remaining dip into your mouth.
  • DON’T offer to dip for others and push dip-laden foods into their mouths. It invades personal space and could get messy.
  • DO tell your host if you spill dip on the prized tablecloth or carpeting, and clean it up! DON’T just walk away.
  • DON’T be a dip snob by refusing to try new ways of enjoying Dean’s Dip beyond chips. Veggies, flatbreads, matzo, pita, pretzels and salty crackers are wonderful combinations with Dean’s Dip. Try different combinations, and then visit to tell us your favorites!
  • DO show up within the first half-hour of a host’s party start time, and bring a bottle of your favorite beverage, along with some Dean’s Dip to share. If your gathering includes a bowl game or other athletic event on TV, bring a back-up bowl of Dean’s Dip and keep it in the fridge as a spare.
  • DON’T dip and roam. Spend some quality time enjoying snacks, some good conversation and your favorite beverage with the host and other guests. Food, folks and fun— the ingredients of any good party!