Dean’s® Dairy Dip

When’s a good time for Dean’s Dip?

Whenever you are celebrating!

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Family Reunions
  • Summer Barbecues
  • Postgame Get-togethers (Soccer, Little League, etc)
  • Featured Dip Recipes

    Experience the crisp, delicious flavor of a BLT—in a dip. Our French Onion Layered BLT Dip recipe combines bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato with Dean’s French Onion Dip, for a taste you have to dip to believe. Check out the recipe here.

    The cool creaminess of guacamole flavor and the spicy kick of salsa come together in Dean’s Guacamole Flavored Jalapeno Dip. Cilantro and jalapenos will make your mouth long for this savory specialty, which goes well with tacos, chips or fresh veggies. Check out the recipe here.

  • Other Great Things to Serve

    Super saltine snacks

    Top a few saltine crackers with some peanut butter and a large marshmallow, then brown them up until the marshmallow spreads and turns golden on the edges. Crunchy, chewy and delicious! 

    Grilled bacon and cheese

    Breathe new life into the grilled cheese sandwich by adding grilled bacon, mushrooms, mayonnaise, garlic, salt and pepper. Voila! It’s a whole new spin on a family favorite.

    Pizza time

    Who doesn’t love a hot and delicious pizza? For something a little bit different, update your pizza with unusual toppings like BBQ chicken, pineapple or feta cheese.

  • Beverage Tips

    For the kids

    Have plenty of kid-size and friendly drinks on hand, such as mini water bottles, juice boxes or pouches (apple, orange,grape, cranberry) or lemonade or iced tea. For something a bit different, mix orange juice and ginger ale together and garnish with orange slices.

    For the grown-ups

    In the colder months, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are real crowd pleasers. For the over-21s in your family, make sure you have a variety of alcoholic drinks on hand such as beer, wine, and mixable liquor favorites such as vodka and rum.

  • Family Party Tips

    • Host your own home talent show and discover your family’s hidden abilities. It’s tons of fun and you just might discover the next singing idol or award-winning musician in the family.
    • Host family storytelling times. Everyone loves to hear a great tale and they bring generations together like little else can. 
    • Keep everyone involved. From setup to cleanup, find ways for everyone to pitch in. The chores will go by faster and make everyone feel like they had a hand in the help.  
    • Don’t forget to document the occasion. Capture and preserve your fun family times via photos and video to enjoy for years to come.