Dean’s® Dairy Dip

When’s a good time for Dean’s Dip?

Any time the game is on!

  • Tailgating
  • Opening Day
  • The Playoffs
  • Fantasy Football
  • Poker Night
  • Other Great Stuff to Feed the Fans

    Make sure it’s quick, easy and tastes great

    Slice and serve: A 4-foot hoagie/sub/grinder feeds 10 hungry appetites. It doesn’t get any easier.

    Fiesta: Make your own beef or chicken and bean burritos. Spiced chicken or beef served hot on tortillas along with refried beans, shredded cheddar and salsa is an awesome dish and you won’t have to miss a minute of the game. Goes great with the guacamole, too.

    Spicy: Drop by your favorite sports bar and pick up a minimum of 6 wings per person, depending on what else you’re serving. Or make them yourself. If you’ve got hot sauce and butter in the fridge, you’re set.

  • A General Guys Party List

    Don’t forget the good stuff

    • Multiple tubs of your favorite Dean’s Dip varieties.
    • Lots and lots of potato chips, tortilla chips and pretzels for dipping.
    • Celery, carrots and broccoli for surrounding dip on the veggie tray.
    • Cups, napkins and plastic silverware—don’t forget the easy stuff.
    • Multiple decks of cards and poker chips—keep two decks going to keep the game moving.