Ranch BLT Deviled Eggs

Ranch BLT Deviled Eggs

Adding bacon, lettuce, tomato and Dean’s Bacon Ranch Dip to this classic appetizer takes it into heavenly territory.

  • 5 minutes

    prep time
  • 12


image description Ingredients

6 eggs

¼ cup Dean’s Bacon Ranch Dip

3 cooked bacon strips, broken into smaller pieces

6 cherry tomatoes, halved

¼ cup shredded romaine lettuce

image description Directions

Boil eggs in water over medium heat for 12 minutes until hard boiled. Remove from the pot and rinse under cold water. Crack the egg shells and carefully peel. Slice the eggs lengthwise in half and remove the yolk placing it in a separate bowl. Using a fork, mash the yolks into crumbs and add in ¼ cup of Dean’s Bacon Ranch Dip. Mix together and evenly distribute the mixture back into the egg whites. Top the egg mixture with a cherry tomato, a piece of bacon, and some lettuce. Plate on a large platter and serve to guests!

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